My goal is to retell your special day in photos.  But I want my clients to see that day in a way that not everyone saw it.  So I spend time setting up fun shots that will bring back the excitement of that day.   I have my degree in liberal arts but my passion was theater.  I have written several plays and short stories so in a way taking photos allows me to tell your story.   I love to start early with a couple and shoot photos that capture the excitement of the big day.  As well as capturing those final moments before they drive off to a whole new life together.  For some of you know how quick that day will go and that is where we want to be.  As the photographer, our job is to slow down and in some cases stop the day in order that you will never forget that excitement you had the first time you saw each other on your wedding day.

I have been shooting weddings, senior photos and families for over 15 years.  I enjoy sports, outdoor activities and trying new things with my equipment. I am a little bit of a tech junky so I’m always playing with new things to make pictures more fun.  I know computers and software well so I am able to create amazing prints on canvas and other types of media.  I  also own AHIT Graphics where I take many of the photos used for websites, products for sale and marketing projects for clients.

I hope that you will look around our site and see something that touches your heart and encourages you to capture the day

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What I Use:

  • ADOBE CC Photoshop CC  Illustrator CC  OnOne Suite 8  CC Lightroom 6.1  Breezers DSLR Pro Perfect Photo Suite10

Canon Cameras and Lens:

  • Canon 6D, 7D, SL1
  • Canon 70-200mm 2.8L IS USM II Canon 24-70mm 2.8L IS USM I Tamron 18-50mm Bowman 8mm wide angle,
  • Canon 550 ex and 580 ex
  • Alien Bees Portable studio strobes.