Benefits of an Engagement Photo Shoot

Do you want your wedding photos to have that relaxed, natural and romantic look you see all over the internet? Sometimes those photos are posed and they took several hours to get just the right look, but you have a wedding reception to get to. The thing to ask is, how much time are you willing to give up, for those once in a lifetime photos?

I like to have a plan of action, to get those “just right” shots. First, I talk with my couples weeks in advance, planning what will be able to do. Then I like to contacting the wedding coordinator in advance and discuss the timeframe and venue for great photo locations. This gives me the opportunity to scout out the location for great shots and poses a week or so in advance, so that I know where I want to take them and have a schedule to work with. All this planning means that the 30-45 minutes we have between when you walk out the church doors and walk into your reception are spent wisely. Some venues will really increase the type of shot you can get. The wedding I did at the Mission Inn in Riverside just begged for more photos, but they have very strict time constraints so again having a plan allows for some nice locations. If you are doing a backyard wedding or small venue, with some planning ahead it is possible to stop by the park on your way to the reception. When planning for a park shoot I bring a satin sheet that the bride can set down in the grass keeping her dress clean.

But this blog post was about Engagement photos.

Sometimes I have only met the couple two or three times before the wedding so it is hard to know the personalities and likes and dislikes of the couple. The Engagement photo shoot gives the couple time to get to know the photographer and the photographer time to see what the couple wants from their photos. This shoot is my favorite because we do not have an immediate time frame set. We can talk about their idea of the wedding and for most guys it allows them to get in the mood to do photos. For most, this is not their favorite past time. I like to bring props, flowers and picture frames as a way to set up scenes for them to pose. Again this allows a little less attention on them and gives us all time to relax and have some fun taking photos. Now with all that in mind think about the wedding day. We have gotten past the getting to know one another and I now know more about what you want. Which means I am not asking you for something on the busiest day of your life. As you can see, doing a photo shoot before the wedding day will make the little time we have much more efficient and we will all be more relaxed. Most of all you and your spouse will feel much more romantic and interested in getting those great photos.


I have several packages that include engagement photos, we can also set you up with a package that can be paid outside of your wedding photos. This helps keep the wedding cost down but still allows you to get these great photos.


Here is a list of things we can do with your engagement photos:

  • Large 20×30 print with matting to allow guests to sign around during your wedding reception
  • Save the date cards – We can set up and do the printing
  • Wedding Announcements
  • Engagement photo book with blank pages between for your guest book
  • Photos for reception centerpieces
  • Thank Yous for your wedding guests.
Brent Clair is a High Desert native and lives in Victorville California he has been shooting wedding and event photos for over 10 Years.