Wedding on the Beach

It was a real pleasure to photograph Jay and Jamie’s wedding on the beach in San Diego. The beach provides great backgrounds and the possibility of some amazing photographs. But you are also having to work with weather and harsh sunshine. As the photographer you just need to roll with the day and make the most of every opportunity. So even though it was raining like crazy before the wedding the weather cleared up for the ceremony and we had really nice weather for the rest of the days. I hope that you enjoy these photos it was really a fun wedding to shoot.


Location: Pier South Resort  800 Seacoast Dr Imperial Beach, CA 91932, • Phone: 619.621.5900

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Wedding photographer San Diego California, Silver Strand Beach, Beach wedding

Western Wedding at Boulder Creek

Last summer I did a wedding at Boulder Creek and I wanted to show the photos from the event but then I heard they were closing the venue. This is a shame and I hope that the new owners will have the wonderful wedding venue open again. I also have a few couples asking me about western weddings and some of the shots I take for this type of wedding. I like to be creative and so we did a walk around the lake between the wedding and reception and did our photo shoot. The bride and groom were very happy and we turned their photos into a photo book for them. Below are the photos that we had in the book. I charge $150 for a book when I do the wedding and in some of our packages the book is included. I spend a lot of time laying out each page and I get information from my bride and groom on what they want in the book. They are given a chance to few it before it is printed to change photos and make corrections. But I thought I would share the pages from this book to give you an idea of what AHIT Photography enjoys doing.

Location: Boulder Creek 19099 Lemon Street, Hesperia, California 92345 • Phone: 760/244-0096 

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Wedding photographer Hesperia California, Boulder Creek Ranch, western wedding

Wonderland Theme Quinceanera

I do a few Quinceaneras a year and I really love when the event is based on a theme.  For the Rodriguez family they chose the Alice in Wonderland theme.   We had a blast setting up shots with this in mind.  Also having one of the best Mad Hatters I have ever seen also adds to these photos.  It was a great day of shooting group photos and event photos to remember this very exciting day.  I hope you enjoy these photos.

Location: Fireside Room  14144 Green Tree Blvd Victorvile Ca 92395 (760) 245-4860

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Wedding photographer Victorville California, Fireside room, Green Tree Golf Course, Quinceaneras, Glamour photoshoot

Gibson Wedding

The Green Tree Inn is know by everyone who has every lived or maybe even just driven by in Victorville. Which its golf course and newly renovated interior it made for a great wedding venue. The Gibsons needed a photographer and even though it came together on short notice they were a pleasure to work with. It is great to get to know your clients but there are times that it is just not the case. For this wedding we meant the morning of the wedding but I think we connected with them and their family and was able to capture some great photos.

Location: Green Tree Inn 14173 Green Tree Blvd Victorville, CA 92395 (760) 245-3461

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Wedding photographer Victorville California, Green Tree Inn, Green Tree Golf Course

Infant and Baby Photos

We all love a sleeping baby. We love the chance to capture a baby at its most innocent moment and freeze that time with photos. They grow up so fast.

We have been shooting baby photos for many years now and understand the needs of a new mother and new life. We have a full studio that can be brought to your home and do the photos in your own living room. A good photo starts with a happy baby and a happy baby has just been fed and well rested. So now you can plan all that around us showing up and setting up. This way when they are waking up from their nap. We can get those first sleepy moments and allow you to do easy clothing changes through out the shoot. If the model ( our little one ) needs a lunch break you can leave the room it is your house.

We bring props and backdrops. We can do low key lighting and high contrast full color. We work with what you are wanting.

Our packages start at $200.00 for a 1.5 hours photo session. Please note we are on the babies time table in most cases. You will also receive 5 8x10s, 15 5x7s of the photos professionally printed on high quality lustre photo paper. You will also receive a CD of the images we have taken to share with friends and family on the internet or social media.

Interested in doing pictures every 3 months? We off a deal. Pay for the first package and then month 3, 6, 9 and 1 year are only $100 a visit. (includeds 2 8x10s, 8 5x7s)

Please view our recent photos below and give us a call or email.

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Beck Wedding

Lake Arrowhead Resort and Spa is very charming inside, now add the mountains, blue sky and clear lake water and you have a very romantic location. The air was brisk after a late winter storm during the week.  The air was cold and clear, but our brave bride took the weather in stride and the photos of the first look on the dock were amazing. With both couples bringing their families together for the first time, it was fun to see the bridal party make friends quickly and enjoy being there for their amazing friends. The wedding took place under tall trees overlooking Arrowhead Lake in Southern California. And the reception area was decked out with beautiful shades of green a perfect choice for an early spring wedding. The staff and facility at the resort were excellent to work with and the building itself has many great photo opportunities. With the cold outside, we enjoyed some great shots by the fireplace and a huge wine cellar. One thing about this group they loved to dance and they were good at it.

Location: Lake Arrowhead Resort and Spa 27984 HWY 189 Lkae Arrowhead, CA 92352 909-336-1511

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Wedding photographer Lake Arrowhead, Crestline, Lake Gregory California

Model Headshots

Are you wanting to break into modeling?  Maybe you just want some head shots for auditions for theater or television.

AHIT photography offers a great solution for your head shot needs. We offer a 90 minute photo session that allows for several clothes change and hair style changes. We offer outdoor shoots with a natural lighting with an urban feel, or a studio shoot with full studio lighting and backdrops. Our new studio will be completed in June please watch for more information.

We can help with poses and props to add to your photos. Our package is unique in that we give you all the photos that were taken and allow you to print and distribute them how you need to get that next big break. Your package will include 5 8x10s 10 5x7s and a CD with the rights to reprint or distribute. All of this for $300.00 for Southern California residents but for local High Desert Residents we are offering this for just $200.00


(High Desert residents are those living in Victorville, Hesperia, Adelanto, Oak Hills, Apple Valley and Spring Valley Lake)

Weddings in the High Desert

I have lived in Hesperia, Apple Valley and Victorville during my 40 years of living in the High Desert. With so many years behind me, I should know when it is a good time to get married here. The Answer I believe would be Fall. Our summer comes late May turns cold and then hits hard and hot in July. But there is not a start or end date. An outdoor wedding would be too hot in August or early September. But come October and November before Thanksgiving and you will have some nice weather. Can I guarantee good weather? Not a chance. ”If you do not like the weather here just wait a day.” – Every High Desert Resident. What I do love about the High Desert is the community. Many of us have lived, grown up and worked here for 25 or more years. We have some great Churches and Venues to get married in. And living and working here, you get to meet so many other wedding vendors. This was the main reason I joined It makes it so nice to shoot a wedding, quinceanera or bar mitzvah, when you know the coordinator, officiant or DJ.


Jess Ranch Lakes Apple Valley


Religious Science Church of Apple Valley

The High Desert has a lot to offer, but you have to be willing to do your research. Many people want to find the cheapest vendor for their event and that can cause trouble on the day of the event. Sure, even the pros can have a bad day but they plan for this. They have backup and many of these events behind them so they know what they can do. I have done weddings in high winds and dusty skies, but you find those interment locations and shoot inside, or shoot with a tight crop on your subjects. I have scouted out this area and there are some areas less prone to wind but wind is something you might have to put up with. I guess that is why I’m hard at work building my studio, but that will be another blog for another day.

If you have questions about photography here in the High Desert, please contact me I would love to show you my work and build a package that fits your budget.

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Sunset Hills Memorial Park

Brent Clair – Owner of AHIT Photography, Victorville CA

Benefits of an Engagement Photo Shoot

Do you want your wedding photos to have that relaxed, natural and romantic look you see all over the internet? Sometimes those photos are posed and they took several hours to get just the right look, but you have a wedding reception to get to. The thing to ask is, how much time are you willing to give up, for those once in a lifetime photos?

I like to have a plan of action, to get those “just right” shots. First, I talk with my couples weeks in advance, planning what will be able to do. Then I like to contacting the wedding coordinator in advance and discuss the timeframe and venue for great photo locations. This gives me the opportunity to scout out the location for great shots and poses a week or so in advance, so that I know where I want to take them and have a schedule to work with. All this planning means that the 30-45 minutes we have between when you walk out the church doors and walk into your reception are spent wisely. Some venues will really increase the type of shot you can get. The wedding I did at the Mission Inn in Riverside just begged for more photos, but they have very strict time constraints so again having a plan allows for some nice locations. If you are doing a backyard wedding or small venue, with some planning ahead it is possible to stop by the park on your way to the reception. When planning for a park shoot I bring a satin sheet that the bride can set down in the grass keeping her dress clean.

But this blog post was about Engagement photos.

Sometimes I have only met the couple two or three times before the wedding so it is hard to know the personalities and likes and dislikes of the couple. The Engagement photo shoot gives the couple time to get to know the photographer and the photographer time to see what the couple wants from their photos. This shoot is my favorite because we do not have an immediate time frame set. We can talk about their idea of the wedding and for most guys it allows them to get in the mood to do photos. For most, this is not their favorite past time. I like to bring props, flowers and picture frames as a way to set up scenes for them to pose. Again this allows a little less attention on them and gives us all time to relax and have some fun taking photos. Now with all that in mind think about the wedding day. We have gotten past the getting to know one another and I now know more about what you want. Which means I am not asking you for something on the busiest day of your life. As you can see, doing a photo shoot before the wedding day will make the little time we have much more efficient and we will all be more relaxed. Most of all you and your spouse will feel much more romantic and interested in getting those great photos.


I have several packages that include engagement photos, we can also set you up with a package that can be paid outside of your wedding photos. This helps keep the wedding cost down but still allows you to get these great photos.


Here is a list of things we can do with your engagement photos:

  • Large 20×30 print with matting to allow guests to sign around during your wedding reception
  • Save the date cards – We can set up and do the printing
  • Wedding Announcements
  • Engagement photo book with blank pages between for your guest book
  • Photos for reception centerpieces
  • Thank Yous for your wedding guests.
Brent Clair is a High Desert native and lives in Victorville California he has been shooting wedding and event photos for over 10 Years.

2014 Bridal Show

This was the 24th Annual Bridal Show here is Victorville California. It is always great to visit with vendors you have worked with and make some new friends. This years venue moved to another building at the San Bernardino County Fairgrounds, This building allowed for a little more room and make the whole event seem larger. We are very excited about this coming year as we talked to some great couples about doing there wedding. I have a couple of galleries with this post: one showing my booth and one showing some of the great vendors we had as company. Tux-Ego always puts on a great show for the local High Desert and we thank them. Take a moment and like their Facebook page to keep in contact with them as we add the Vendor list from this year.

Some shots from the Bridal Fashion Show

If you are looking for a unique cake that will blow your wedding party away check out

Emperador Banquet Hall has a great location and very nice decor to make your next event stand out.

Other great Wedding Vendors we like to work with are:

Fireside Room, Town and Country Limos, Victorville Hilton, Makeup by Adriana Carren,  Altec DJ and  Tux-Ego.