You will find many of your questions on this page but if you do not please contact me.

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How far will you travel?

We are located in the Victor Valley of Southern California. So we will travel up to 100 miles before you will incur any other cost. This also depends on the package your purchase. If you select the Platinum Package it is good up to 200 miles. Allowing us to go to Las Vegas or to San Diego for the Package Price.

Will you do a destination wedding?

Yes, we will travel to a location for your wedding. We would work out the travel arrangements with you before hand. You would be responsible for the cost of the travel arrangements and this price would be added to your contract for the photos.

Are there any hidden cost I need to be aware of?

I try very hard to not have any hidden cost but many locations have cost that we need to be aware of. If your venue charges for outside venders then this cost will be past on to you. If there are parking fees city fees or photo permits to be acquired then these cost will be added to your contract, but I work hard to have all of these questions and items out of the way before your big day.

Is AHIT Photography Insured?

Yes, we are insured with Hill and Usher Insurance, in the event something happens to your photos or the equipment we can make compensation. This also allows us to shoot in many locations that other photographers can not because we carry liability insurance. Always make sure that your photographer is running a business and not a hobby.

What does your contact include?

If you are interested in reading our contract please click on this link to download a pdf of the contract. It will cover many of your questionsa about photo rights and my commitment to your special day.

How many photographers do you bring?

I will be your main photographer for the day, but I do have an adult daughter who is following in her fathers foot steps and she shoots the ceremony with a second camera. We usually shoot with two or more cameras through out the day with many different focal lengths to make for some great shots.