Infant and Baby Photos

We all love a sleeping baby. We love the chance to capture a baby at its most innocent moment and freeze that time with photos. They grow up so fast.

We have been shooting baby photos for many years now and understand the needs of a new mother and new life. We have a full studio that can be brought to your home and do the photos in your own living room. A good photo starts with a happy baby and a happy baby has just been fed and well rested. So now you can plan all that around us showing up and setting up. This way when they are waking up from their nap. We can get those first sleepy moments and allow you to do easy clothing changes through out the shoot. If the model ( our little one ) needs a lunch break you can leave the room it is your house.

We bring props and backdrops. We can do low key lighting and high contrast full color. We work with what you are wanting.

Our packages start at $200.00 for a 1.5 hours photo session. Please note we are on the babies time table in most cases. You will also receive 5 8x10s, 15 5x7s of the photos professionally printed on high quality lustre photo paper. You will also receive a CD of the images we have taken to share with friends and family on the internet or social media.

Interested in doing pictures every 3 months? We off a deal. Pay for the first package and then month 3, 6, 9 and 1 year are only $100 a visit. (includeds 2 8x10s, 8 5x7s)

Please view our recent photos below and give us a call or email.

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