Senior Photos

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Have you ever wanted to be a model for the day? With our Senior Photoshoot we can make that happen. With Seven years of experience shooting senior photos we can make this day an exciting day. Bring several changes of clothes, your sports gear, even bring your car. These are all things that make you the Senior you are. You and a parent, or guardian, can schedule an appointment to meet us at a park or beach to create a unique photoshoot for your personality. With several packages to pick from we can make this an affordable event for your senior year.

How it works:
-You and I pick a location or locations to take the photos
-We usually take 40-50 shots
-We post these photos online to be viewed by you and your family
-You pick the package, select the photos and we shipped the completed photos to you-We offer the CD of all images if you want to print your own photos

Bronze Package Includes:

5 8x10s
15 5x7s bases on the above 5 prints
30 Wallets or 15 4x6s of same pose
1 Hour photo session
Price: $200 **

Silver Package Includes:

5 8x10s
15 5x7s of your choice
30 Wallets or 15 4x6s of the above poses
2 Hour photo session
CD of the above prints to reprint if you want.
Price: $300 **

Gold Package Includes:

5 8x10s
15 5x7s choice
40 Wallets or 15 4x6s of your choice
2 Hour photo session
1 Hours Outside and 1 Hour Studio session with choice of backgrounds.
CD of all photos taken
Price: $400 **

Your CD will have a printed permission label allowing you to reprint these photos when and where you want. I can also supply a pdf version to print out apon request

** Looking for a good deal? Just get a friend to do their pictures the same day and location and save $20.00 each persons package.

(Some locations may have a small cost if we need to obtain a photography release. This is usually the case with larger more popular locations and beaches)