Weddings in the High Desert

I have lived in Hesperia, Apple Valley and Victorville during my 40 years of living in the High Desert. With so many years behind me, I should know when it is a good time to get married here. The Answer I believe would be Fall. Our summer comes late May turns cold and then hits hard and hot in July. But there is not a start or end date. An outdoor wedding would be too hot in August or early September. But come October and November before Thanksgiving and you will have some nice weather. Can I guarantee good weather? Not a chance. ”If you do not like the weather here just wait a day.” – Every High Desert Resident. What I do love about the High Desert is the community. Many of us have lived, grown up and worked here for 25 or more years. We have some great Churches and Venues to get married in. And living and working here, you get to meet so many other wedding vendors. This was the main reason I joined It makes it so nice to shoot a wedding, quinceanera or bar mitzvah, when you know the coordinator, officiant or DJ.


Jess Ranch Lakes Apple Valley


Religious Science Church of Apple Valley

The High Desert has a lot to offer, but you have to be willing to do your research. Many people want to find the cheapest vendor for their event and that can cause trouble on the day of the event. Sure, even the pros can have a bad day but they plan for this. They have backup and many of these events behind them so they know what they can do. I have done weddings in high winds and dusty skies, but you find those interment locations and shoot inside, or shoot with a tight crop on your subjects. I have scouted out this area and there are some areas less prone to wind but wind is something you might have to put up with. I guess that is why I’m hard at work building my studio, but that will be another blog for another day.

If you have questions about photography here in the High Desert, please contact me I would love to show you my work and build a package that fits your budget.

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Sunset Hills Memorial Park

Brent Clair – Owner of AHIT Photography, Victorville CA