Western Wedding at Boulder Creek

Last summer I did a wedding at Boulder Creek and I wanted to show the photos from the event but then I heard they were closing the venue. This is a shame and I hope that the new owners will have the wonderful wedding venue open again. I also have a few couples asking me about western weddings and some of the shots I take for this type of wedding. I like to be creative and so we did a walk around the lake between the wedding and reception and did our photo shoot. The bride and groom were very happy and we turned their photos into a photo book for them. Below are the photos that we had in the book. I charge $150 for a book when I do the wedding and in some of our packages the book is included. I spend a lot of time laying out each page and I get information from my bride and groom on what they want in the book. They are given a chance to few it before it is printed to change photos and make corrections. But I thought I would share the pages from this book to give you an idea of what AHIT Photography enjoys doing.

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